Linen Yarns

One of our main and most in-demand products is 100% linen yarns.
We are producing wet spun linen yarns in the following counts (Nm): 9.5 11.6 14.7 17.9 26 30

Yarns can be made of a single thread or twisted out of two, three or four. All of these yarns are available in their natural (grey) colour, bleached as well as in a range of different colours (from pastel to very intense).

Linen Fabrics

Linen fabric is a natural product that is friendly to person's health and gentle to the skin. It lets your skin breathe and has special abilities to cool during hot summer days and warm in wintertime.

We produce 100% linen and half-linen (linen/cotton), washed and non-washed fabrics.
Our fabrics can be of natural (grey) linen colour, bleached, woven from coloured yarns or piece dyed. We offer dozens of fabrics, from plainly coloured to checked, striped, otherwise patterned and jacquard - all depends on the client's desires and imagination.

Linen Clothes and
Other linen production

Natural and elegant linen clothes - an ideal choice for your summer. Though, wearing linen in colder seasons won't be a miss either, especially when combined with appropriate warmer garments. Linen clothes will let your skin breathe, keeping your body temperature at a normal and stable degree. Having all that in mind, we are proud to present our collection of linen clothes that includes linen dresses, tunics, blouses, jackets, pants, skirts, men shirts, and accessories, such as scarfs, shawls and bags.

Linen Yarns
Linen Fabrics
Linen Clothes

About Us

JSC "Siulas" is the oldest flax mill in Lithuania. Founded in 1928, it is located in Biržai, the very north of Lithuania, and is surrounded by beautiful scenery of parks, a lake, and exquisite Astravas Manor buildings. "Siulas" has been in linen business since the very start, first making linen ropes, bags, and technical fabrics. Year after year we have been expanding our production range, so today we could offer you top level fashion products and thousands of fabric designs, all made of linen.

Visit Our Online Shop "Leinen Boutique"

You are very welcome to visit our online shop "Leinen Boutique", where you will get a chance to check out and purchase our old and beloved products, as well as the newest collections. The range of items is just a small part of what we can offer, thus, any suggestions of what you would like to see in the future are very welcome and appreciated. We are also open to any of your requests regarding creation of your own collection. Just tell us your dreams and we will help them become reality.


2016 February 16 - 18 meet us at Premiere Vision in Paris, France.
Stand number: 6C28 / 6D27

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